Adrian Van Allen
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TITLE: Mnemonic Almanac
DATE: 2000
MEDIA: installation with computer projection, book, glass case with motorized camera, microcontrollers, chair and table
The Mnemonic Almanac synthesizes two metaphors from the history of cognitive science: the mind as book, and the mind as computer. Offering up a history of fragments and shifting perspectives, the Almanac catalogs personal recollections along with excerpts from neurology textbooks, dictionary definitions, and assorted detritus from paper and electronic archives. Hybridizing the personal experience of memory with history's attempt to map it, the Almanac is both a reference manual and an epistemology of remembering.

Mnemonic Almanac kit
[a] 427 page book
[b] CD-Rom
[c] vial of extracted DNA to clone your own archivist