Adrian Van Allen
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TITLE: An Ordered Universe in Miniature
DATE: 2008
MEDIA: unique book with SEM pollen images

Etchings of a wunderkammer, or curiosity cabinet, hold translucent Scanning Electron Microscope images of pollen (illuminated from behind). The pollen images (curiosities of modern science) are encapsulated within their own discipline's history (wunderkammer as precursors to modern natiural history museums and research collections). Each is numbered and labeled:

No. 01 An Ordered Universe in Miniature
No. 09 A Scheme of Interpretation
No. 12 A Few Minor Variations
No. 27 An Early Representation
No. 55 Viewed According to Scale
No. 37 A Carefully Arranged Profusion
No. 43 The Crucial Importance of Assymetries
No. 58 Invisible to the Uninitiated
No. 89 A Construct, Partial View
No. 99 An Essential Affinity Revealed